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Instructions on how to search for a Listing Number and create a Submittal

To search for a Listing Number

Start by choosing (Search Penetrations or Search Joints)

  • If you know the listing number, type it in the white box field and click Search Penetration or Search Joints Button.
  • If you do not know the Listing number, use the Listings Sidebar for your selections to narrow down your search results. For example: If you click Search Penetrations and you choose a Penetrant type, Assembly type, or Rating, the number of listings in the search results will be reduced considerably and you will most likely find the listing number needed. 
  • Click on the pdf icon  to view, save, or print the listing.
  • Click the checkbox to the left of the Listing Name to add it to a Submittal.
  • Click the Reset button to clear all selections and start a new search.

To create a Submittal

  • From the Search results click the checkbox to the left of the Listing Name to select the listing(s) you want. Or from The Account page click the Create New Submittal button and begin searching for listings.
  • Click Review Submittal to include the listings selected in your Submittal.
  • To add new listings to the current Submittal, close the Review Submittal window and proceed with selection of new listings. Once done, click on Review Submittal button to include them to the Submittal.
  • Under the Cover Sheet section, enter the Project and the Submitter information.
  • Under the Data Sheets section, select the products data sheets to include in the Submittal.
  • To create and save the Submittal, click the Generate & Save Submittal button.
  • To view or print the Submittal, click Download Submittal#. pdf Button
  • To email the Submittal, enter the email addresses in the Send to Email box, type the message in the Message box and click the Send Submittal button. If you want to attach more documents to your email, click the Choose Files button to select the files you want to add from your local Drive and then click the Upload Files button. The selected files will be attached to your email as separate files from the Submittal.

To View or Edit an existing Submittal

  • Click LOGIN on the top of the screen. If you are already Logged in click ACCOUNT on the top of the screen
  • To view an existing Submittal click PDF
  • To edit or change an existing Submittal click EDIT. After you make your changes click the Generate & Save Submittal button.


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